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Nextcloud Enterprise for Service providers:

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.@WSJ wrote about Nextcloud in their recent article:

“He was basically offering us a cookie. It isn’t about having a logo somewhere or doing a quick deal. We’re not interested in that. We are concerned about the overall antitrust situation.”

If you publish videos on PeerTube, it lets you organise them in two ways: your account and your channels.

An account shows everything that the person has uploaded all in one place. Channels are sub-divisions of the account, and show only some of the account's videos.

For example, the account @mrfunkedude has its videos subdivided into a cooking channel @baking, a short video channel @mrfunkedude_sfv and a philosophy channel @mrfunkedudes_place

HOWEVER... there's a catch 😮

On most Fediverse servers outside PeerTube the videos will appear to all come from the same account rather than any channels. The channels can be followed, but the videos will only show the account's name, not the channel's.

If you are using PeerTube channels to organise your videos, bear this in mind.

If you need to keep PeerTube videos completely separate, it may be better to use separate PeerTube accounts rather than relying on channels.

#PeerTube #PeerTips #PeerTubeTips #Fediverse #FediTips

I've now spent about a month with from This #Linux distro truly is something special, and I'll be moving my desktop to it soon. Here is why!

Damn, if they can deliver on discovering and grouping games from all stores in one nice UI, this might be a killer OS!

If you want to try a weird #Linux "distro" and you like Google, #chromeosflex is now available, out of early access!

Just more proof that corporations are trying their damnedest to destroy the notion of fair use.

Microsoft has asked Lenovo to make it harder to boot Linux on their computers.

obviously I know some really cool people who work at Microsoft but it's very funny to me that people have been harping on us FOSS types for not instantly forgiving them for 20 years of malice, and now we've got this. [1]

when Microsoft is asking manufacturers to prevent people from booting other OSes and not communicating as to why, they are positioning themselves as the enemy. it's that simple. if they want to be trusted by Linux users, they need to earn that trust.

we're about 2y away, by my estimation, from living in a bizarro world where x86 PCs are less open to free desktops than ARM Macs.


If there is one technology that is divisive between developers and users, it's electron.

Let's see why a lot of devs like using it, and why a lot of users would rather they didn't, as well as what electron can bring to #Linux:

Side note: Jim Butterfield is an absolute legend, and I've always had a secret dream to do a remake of this C64 video for a Veronica Explains goof.

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Soda is the new default runner in Bottles, starting from 2022.7.14!

- No Steam runtime needed
- Supported by Bottles developers
- Tested with all our installers


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