@adymitruk I guess some instances could pay for one, or maybe there are language translation models that can be hosted locally?
But yeah, it would be so cool to be able to use a translation tool and be part of a more global community…

@adymitruk There's a number of client apps that have that built-in

@adymitruk Wouldn’t it make more sense for Mastodon users to learn more languages? I tend to actively dislike networks with built-in (crappy) auto-translation.

@adymitruk Would be great. I guess pricing and privacy could be obstacles though.

@adymitruk If you sort of speak the language and only need some vocabulary help, you can stick the link into Wordlink, like this: multidict.net/wordlink/?url=ht

Using Google Translate would not be generally accepted by users due to all the tracking and whatnot #peoplefarming

Some clients incorporate that, including Fedilab, which I use on my phone.

Pretty sure one of the native Linux apps I read about also did.

But it would be a nice addition to the web app.

@TerryHancock right now I'm using the "open in browser" which does the trick. But yes, it would be a nice feature!

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