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After my move from twitter to mastodon, now it's github's turn. I moved all my active project to GitOrk :)

Another good place to find people to follow is #Trunk, an opt-in directory of Fediverse users who are looking for followers:

We just released v0.0.3 of Owncast, the self-hosted, open source live video and chat server.

It includes a lot of nice updates, the biggest is a web dashboard where you can get an overview of your stream, viewers, server configuration, and performance.

It's easier than ever to get a live stream that you control with this release! Give #owncast a shot if you're curious, you can seriously have it running in about a minute. Check it out at

Any software development or people working in IT interested in learning EventSourcing and/or EventModeling, you can join one of our monthly online workshop at Adaptech

What is Mastodon?

The social network of the future: No ads, no corporate surveillance, ethical design, and decentralization!

Read more over here:

#mstdn #mastodon

Mastodon server is setup, now let's see if we can add some federation to get something in here


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